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The main purpose of the company to invest in in the trading business through other companies within its group, in order to promote and expand those companies through bonds.

With its target market being large reseller network chains and large goods producers, the company is very successful in attracting clients, mainly through online marketing and B2B relationship sales.

GBI Finance is the combination of the skills and experience of the Directors and the company’s international management team enables the company to run a business smoothly with effective results.

The company has the ability to generate profit throughout the year, since the goods sold are not limited to a specific kind.

The expert team and members of the company will advise on the most cost-effective and rewarding agreements with companies from around the world, but mainly Asian countries and will also advise on the profit to be made by selling the goods and materials at a price which would suit the company’s interests positively.

The company’s model is to negotiate sales of consumer goods and raw materials to other companies or large retailers.

The Company will issue up to 99 million USD Bonds instead of loans.